Learning to Waltz: A bearwithus Retrospective

Behind the scenes reflections on my band’s recording debut, waltzwithus EP.


Photo Courtesy: Ryan McLeod

As 2019 is welcomed with open arms, I’m seeing many people post about their highlights of 2018, and having spent my college years at a Jesuit institute, reflection comes as second nature to me. Obviously, 2018 will stand out as the year I finished my undergraduate studies. However, one defining piece of the year starts with good friends on a hot summer night. A couple pals were talking about playing a gig at a park over the weekend, and I wanted to go support my friends. Upon asking them about attending, they not only encouraged me to come to the show, but invited me to perform with them at said show. Even though the concert was only days away, I haphazardly accepted, and the ragtag indie/alternative project known as bearwithus was born. This adventure became more than just a one-time endeavor, and when we weren’t busy with school and work commitments, bearwithus played a handful of shows during the latter half of 2018. In addition to the park shows and coffeehouse gigs, we put together a small collection of songs in the late summer/early autumn, and while the final product is far from perfect, the waltzwithus EP remains a memento of 2018 that we’re proud to call our own. Continue reading “Learning to Waltz: A bearwithus Retrospective”

NASCAR 09 – 10 Years Later

Something completely unrelated to school, communications or technology, let’s compare 2008’s NASCAR roster to the present day!

On this day, 10 years ago, EA Sports released NASCAR 09. Aside from a 2009 kart racing spinoff, it was the final NASCAR game to be released by Electronic Arts, and marked a brief hiatus for yearly NASCAR video games until Eutechnyx and Activision released NASCAR The Game: 2011.

I remember having a conversation with a friend who bought an older NASCAR game at a used game store. It was surreal to realize that none of the drivers in one of the pictures he sent me currently competes on a full time basis. That discussion inspired me to revisit NASCAR 09 on its tenth anniversary and see how its roster holds up. This analysis is based upon the 2017 and current season (up to the Firekeepers Casino 400), discussing whether or not the driver races full time in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to feel old.

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